A storage space for all my Video Game related Polyvore sets.

One of my first memorable experiences playing a video game came from I believe Tomb Raider 2 on PC back in the early 2000’s.

Since then, it’s been a whirlwind of more video games consoles, generations, genres and unforgettable characters. I’m inspired by the multitude of many different fictional places, people and ideals that has come from the whole industry that is current – and retro – video games.

The inspired sets I’ve made and will continue making on Polyvore that can either be fashion, beauty or art will be published on this site as well. That is just in case anyone else may be inspired by games and the creative, collage inspired outlet that is Polyvore, can easily navigate all my work too.


I read about all the time. Rather if it is Sci-Fi novels, Gothic novellas or just fanfiction. I would like to be a writer but of what, I don’t know yet. I love animals but strongly dislike bunnies. (They can not be trusted!) Plus, I’m a Chicago native, ambidextrous beginner, Comic Con fanatic, TV show procrastinator, lactose-intorelant, middle child syndrome sufferer and allergy-induced mess. Say hey if you want/can read this to the bottom!


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